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Maria Chavez

interviewed March 24, 2021 We had a fascinating conversation with Maria Chavez, abstract turntablist and sound artist. She walked us through her approach to working with broken records, turntable book, friendship with Pauline Oliveros, current projects, and more! Visit her website here. MARIA CHAVEZ (short) BIO: Born in Lima, Peru and based in NYC, MariaContinue reading “Maria Chavez”

Sam Pluta

interviewed March 11, 2021 We were thrilled to talk with composer and laptop wizard Sam Pluta about his practice and approach with the computer, density and control within his music, and much more! visit his website here. Sam Pluta is a Chicago-based composer, laptop improviser, electronics performer, and sound artist. Though his work has aContinue reading “Sam Pluta”

Leo Suarez

interviewed February 18, 2021 We talked with Philly-based drummer Leo Suarez about his musical background, playing in experimental rocks bands, touring with his trio TONED, the development of his solo language for his recent album Marbles on Tile, and more! Check out his website here. Leo Suarez is a drummer based in Philadelphia, PA. HeContinue reading “Leo Suarez”

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