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Ryosuke Kiyasu

interviewed May 9, 2022 We were excited to talk with Ryosuke Kiyasu about his background, extreme music, his various projects, his approach to solo snare drum playing, and more! Visit his website here. He has been performing as a snare drummer toured 55 countries since 2003.He is the drummer of his own leader band SETE STARContinue reading “Ryosuke Kiyasu”

Etienne Nillesen

interviewed May 5, 2022 We were so happy to talk with Etienne Nillesen about his background as a drummer and his transition to solo snare drum player, about his development of the extended snare drum, his recent collaborations, and more! Visit his website here. Etienne Nillesen is a Cologne based performer, improviser and percussionist. HeContinue reading “Etienne Nillesen”

Pamela Z

interviewed April 26, 2022 We were super excited to talk with Pamela Z about her early work Echolocation, Qube Chix, her studies in Japan, the Body Synth and other hardware she uses in performance, her compositional process, and much more! Visit her website here. Pamela Z is a composer/performer and media artist working with voice,Continue reading “Pamela Z”

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